What’s smoking really costing you?

A cigarette packet with gold coins quoting "stop smoking start saving"

It’s no surprise that smoking costs a lot of money and with regular tax increases planned over the next few years, the cost is going to keep going up. When you quit smoking you stand to save more than just your health.

If you currently smoke a pack a day, you are probably spending around $9-$10,000 a year! Think about what else you could be doing with this much money:

  • Upgrading the car, or

  • Going on a holiday, or

  • Buying that new TV or phone you’ve had your eye on, or

  • Regularly taking the kids to the movies or the footy, or

  • Enjoying mad March in Adelaide by going to lots of fringe events and the Adelaide 500, or

  • Just making it a little easier to pay the rent or the mortgage.

Need some more inspiration to quit?  

  • Regain Control

    Do you feel like smoking is controlling you? Do you plan your day around cigarettes and smoke breaks? Do you worry about not having enough money to buy cigarettes if you run out? When you stop smoking, you’ll not only have more money but you’ll regain control and boost your confidence.

  • Be a role model

    Quitting smoking sets a great example for family and friends, especially your kids. If you don’t smoke you even reduce the chances of your kids taking up smoking.

  • Enjoy better health

    We all know that smoking does damage to your body but did you know that as soon as you quit your body starts repairing? Quitting smoking can give you more energy to play with your kids along with more money to spend on them too! The longer you don’t smoke, the healthier you’ll become.

Want to know how much you spend on smoking?

You can see how much smoking costs you weekly, monthly, yearly and how much you have spent over the time you have been smoking with the Quitline Cost Calculator.

Help is available

If you are thinking about or have decided to quit, there is plenty of help available.

  • Call the Quitline on 13 7848. The friendly Quitline Specialists will listen without judgement while providing you with advice and support to plan your quit attempt. You can get more info about the Quitline, ask them to give you a call, or even chat to them online. 

  • My Quit Buddy is a free, personalised app to help you quit smoking. It can also show you how much you are saving when you stop smoking.

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