Top 5 tips to quit smoking

Top 5 tips to quit smoking


Quitting smoking for the first time or having another crack at it? Here are five practical things you can do to get started! You can also join the SA Quitline Facebook page for more tips. Make sure you share your own story!

1. Set a quit date

Pick a date to quit smoking in the next two weeks then set a reminder on your phone. You don’t need to tattoo it on your forehead, but try to stick to it. On the day, make sure you don’t have any cigarettes or lighters on you. Get rid of your ashtrays. Avoid the pub or other places where people around you might be smoking.

You might want something healthy to snack on throughout the next day and have a bottle of water handy. You also might want to keep your hands busy with a fidget spinner or a stress ball.

2. Beware of cravings!

Expect to have cravings in the first few weeks of quitting, but being prepared does make it easier. And the good news is they only last a few minutes, so think of it as a 5-minute window to distract yourself. You could try something like:

  • taking the pooch for a walk
  • breathing deeply and slowly
  • calling a friend
  • playing a game on your mobile phone
  • downloading the My QuitBuddy app.

3. Remember all the reasons why you’re quitting

  • To feel great
  • Reduce your health risks
  • Extra money in your pocket (the cost calculator will work out how much you spend on smoking)
  • Better health and fitness
  • Fresher breath
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • For your kids - they are less likely to take up smoking if you don't smoke.

4. Pay your doctor a visit

Most people quit cold turkey. However, your doctor can help you access cheaper quitting medication and nicotine replacement products (like patches) through the PBS if you want to use these to help with nicotine withdrawal. This means even more money in your pocket from quitting smoking!

5. Get support on board

For your best chance of quitting, get support through Quitline, download the My QuitBuddy app or talk to your doctor or pharmacist. Tell your mates you have decided to quit (especially the ones who still smoke) so they can offer you support and know not to offer you any cigs.

Also try to get one of your smoking friends to quit with you! It has been shown that when you quit with someone else, your chances of successfully quitting are greater.

Want more information? Go to You can also chat to them online.


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