Ready to quit smoking? 6 tips to help

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Are you ready to have a crack at quitting smoking? That’s great, here are some tips to help you:

  1. Set a quit date

    Pick a date to quit smoking in the next two weeks, mark it in your calendar or set a reminder on your phone. Use the time in between to get ready.

  2. Identify your triggers

    Everyday habits and feelings can trigger your smoking. Changing your daily routine can help reduce the urge to smoke. Maybe take a shower instead of lighting up a cigarette when you first get up in the morning or play a game on your phone in your lunch break instead of heading outside with others who smoke. Download the My QuitBuddy app for some other tips

  3. Beware of cravings!

    You can expect to have cravings in the first few weeks of quitting, but being prepared does make it easier. And the good news is they only last a few minutes, so think of it as a five-minute window to distract yourself. When a craving hits, you could try something like drinking water, calling a friend, chewing gum or having a healthy snack. Remember the craving won’t last long.

  4. Get help with nicotine withdrawal

    You don’t have to struggle with nicotine withdrawal. There are medications and nicotine replacement products to help you tackle withdrawals, so you’ll have more energy to resist those habitual and emotional triggers.

    Your doctor can help you to get quitting medication and cheaper nicotine replacement products (like patches). This means you’ll have even more money in your pocket from quitting smoking! Plus, research has shown that using either quitting medication or nicotine replacement products, together with a form of coaching (like the Quitline), is the most effective way to quit.

  5. Get your mates on board

    Tell your mates you’ve decided to quit (especially the ones who still smoke) and ask them to support you by not offering you any cigarettes. You could even see if they want to quit with you! It’s been shown that when you quit with someone else, your chances of success are greater.

  6. Get help

    Call the Quitline on 13 7848. The friendly Quitline Specialists will listen without judgement while providing you with advice and support to help you plan your quit attempt. You can get more info about the Quitline, ask them to give you a call, or even chat to them online.

    Download the appMy QuitBuddy app is a personalised app to help you quit smoking and its free!


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