5 stories from successful quitters

a young man breaking a cigarette in halfDid you know that 70% of smokers wish they had never started and want to quit smoking? Smokers are everyday people from all walks of life. Here’s five real stories from smokers who have shared their quit smoking story:

  1. Philip from Crafer’s West had been a smoker for 48 years. With the help of the Quitline he went from forty a day to zero.

  2. Joel from Adelaide from the ‘Don’t Make Smokes Your Story’ campaign. Joel used patches to help him quit.
  3. Michaela from Adelaide from the ‘Don’t Make Smokes Your Story’ campaign.   18-year-old Michaela had her first smoke when she was 12. She's quit now and says there are more reasons why you shouldn't smoke than there are why you should.

  4. Gary Hill is a 47-year-old publican from Tasmania. He gave up smoking when his daughter was born because he wanted her to grow up not knowing about cigarettes.

  5. Daniel’s story from the ‘From Every Quitter’ campaign.  He asks his friends to not smoke around him when he's trying to quit.

See the other 11 stories from this campaign by Cheryl, Karen Charlie  and others.


  • It may take many attempts to be successful, so don’t give up trying. 
  • If you’re thinking about quitting, visit Quitline for information and support.      
  • Increase your chances of quitting by ringing Quitline on 13 7848

  • Download the free My QuitBuddy app for tips and distractions and to show you how much you are saving from every cigarette you don’t smoke. 

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