Complaints about food

SA Health works in conjunction with several agencies to ensure South Australian consumers have access to safe and correctly labelled food. These include:

If you have a complaint or inquiry please use the following guide to direct your concern.

SA Health cannot provide legal advice.

Possible food poisoning

If you suspect you have food poisoning please consult a doctor. In order to confirm your diagnosis the doctor will need to take a stool sample. If it is confirmed that you have a food poisoning infection, the doctor will report their findings to SA Health's Communicable Diseases Control Branch.

If you have concerns about possible food poisoning where a number of people have been affected you can contact the SA Health Communicable Diseases Control Branch.

A food business or purchased food

If you have a complaint about food you have purchased or a food business please contact the Environmental Health Officer at the local council in which the business is located.

You can find the council's contact details by using the Local Government Association Council Finder.

You can contact the retailers or manufacturer of the food product to tell them about your concern. In many instances, they are able to resolve your issue promptly and satisfactorily.

Food labelling, composition or general food safety information

For any general enquiry food enquiry, or anything relating to the below, contact SA Health's Food Safety and Nutrition Branch on or phone (08) 8226 7100.

  • food labelling
  • composition of food products
  • ingredients
  • nutrition information panels
  • allergens
  • use by or best before dates.

Primary production

Any complaints or enquiries about primary food production, in particular the below, please contact Biosecurity SA:

  • meat production, including butchers
  • poultry and egg producers
  • seafood producers
  • citrus packers

For complaints or enquiries about dairy producers and processes, contact the Dairy Authority of South Australia.

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