End of Life Care Strategy

Our vision is for all South Australian’s to experience high quality care at the end of life.

The End of Life Care Strategy (PDF 372KB) enables a targeted and coordinated approach to improving the quality of end of life care services for South Australians.

To achieve the vision, and guide development and implementation of the Strategy, the following key goals have been identified:

  • Care is supported by increased community awareness that dying is part of life.
  • Care is always guided by a person’s values and wishes, and involves them, or their Substitute Decision Maker, Persons Responsible or loved ones, as active participants in decisions about their care (person centred).
  • People, and their family or carer(s), are well informed about care and treatment options, and can provide feedback, including complaints, about their experience of care.
  • People, and their family and carer(s), record their values and wishes for care at the end of life, and this information is readily available to health professionals across care settings to guide care.
  • Health professionals have the skills and knowledge to recognise and sensitively communicate that a person is approaching the end of their life, assess their care needs and provide appropriate care.
  • Health professionals understand their professional and legal responsibilities in providing care to people at the end of life.
  • Service provision is interdisciplinary, coordinated and responsive, and supports high quality care over time (not episodic) and seamless transitions between care settings.
  • People, and their family and carer(s), have access to services and a contact person for reassurance, advice and support, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • Decisions about the design of services and allocation of resources are informed by consumer feedback, data and evaluation, and optimise equity of access.
  • SA Health services and commissioned services have processes in place to monitor and improve the safety and quality of end of life care services.

End of Life Care Strategy Program Board

The SA Health End of Life Care Strategy Program Board (PDF 67KB) was formed to provide leadership and offer strategic oversight and advice on the planning and implementation of the Strategy.

Further information about the role of the Program Board is available in the Terms of Reference (PDF 82KB).

For members' views on what quality end of life means to them, please refer to the Position Statement (PDF 69KB).

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