SA Health’s patient electronic medical record

SA Health’s patient electronic medical record has been designed to provide a consistent and complete clinical and administrative medical record for patients across the state’s public hospitals and health services.

If you attend a public hospital or public healthcare site in South Australia as a patient, it is possible that you will have an electronic medical record (EMR) generated for you.

It is normal practice for a patient, if they can, to provide personal details when arriving at hospital or healthcare service such as their name and date of birth. These details will be used to create your EMR. You do not need to do anything differently.

There are many benefits to having only one electronic medical record that can be accessed by clinicians as you move between health services.


Benefits of an electronic medical record include:

  • Not having to repeat your medical history and personal details when visiting different health services.
  • Receiving more efficient care from nurses, doctors and allied health professionals who can immediately access your medical record at the time and place of treatment.
  • Improved consistency in administrative processes with the same system in use at more healthcare sites.
  • Receiving safer care as a result of healthcare professionals having access to your medical records and history as you move between health services.

More information is available in the Sunrise benefits for patients and clinicians fact sheet.

Sunrise EMR & PAS

The electronic medical record system used by SA Health in South Australia is called Sunrise EMR & PAS. It is a state-based electronic medical record that replaces the need for paper-based documentation.

Further information

Patients, members of the community, GPs, pharmacists, aged and community care centres and private hospitals are invited to learn more by visiting

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