South Australia Abortion & Support Services

South Australia Abortion and Support Services building in Woodville South AustraliaFacing and unplanned pregnancy may be a significant time in your life and may mean making decisions that can be easier when you have support.

Services in South Australia provide pro-choice, non-judgemental, women centred and understanding health services for women with an unplanned pregnancy including abortion. Services are available from the Pregnancy Advisory Centre, most public hospitals in metropolitan Adelaide and also in some regional areas of South Australia. Some private obstetricians/gynaecologists also offer abortion services.

Counselling is voluntary and women can choose to speak with a counsellor if they would find this helpful.

The South Australian Abortion & Support Services website provides comprehensive information for women, partners, support people and health professionals about abortion available in South Australia and women are encouraged to look through this website before attending for an appointment.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on this website, please let us know by contacting

Confidential interpreting services from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are also available.

Important information when attending a service:

It is necessary to make an appointment at one of the approved health services

  • Women must be a resident of South Australian for at least 2 months
  • A referral from your doctor is not needed
  • Some services have a fee and the cost will be explained to you with you when you attend for an appointment
  • Please bring your Medicare Card and/or your Health Care Card with you to your first appointment
  • If you would like to speak with a counsellor contact the Pregnancy Advisory Centre on (08) 8243 3999.

Making an appointment for a service in South Australia

What to expect

The Pregnancy Advisory Centre:

  • provides high quality care for women and their partners in relation to an unplanned pregnancy
  • is a pro-choice and women centred service meaning it is a woman’s right to decide when and how she will control her fertility
  • treats all people with respect
  • welcomes partners and other people important to the woman
  • will affirm women's rights, experiences and feelings.

What we know

The Pregnancy Advisory Centre knows:

  • fertility is not always controllable
  • there is an inherent failure rate of contraceptive methods
  • options and access to contraceptive methods in Australia are limited
  • fertility control is influenced by social, cultural, economic, individual and relationship factors which may be beyond women’s capacity to influence directly
  • societal attitude towards abortion may have a profound influence on women’s experience of abortion

How we advocate for women

The Pregnancy Advisory Centre addresses the management of unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, through the provision of factual, evidence-based information, decision-making strategies professional counselling, contraception and abortion services.

Abortion services have a responsibility to provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment.

The Pregnancy Advisory Centre believes that women’s health status is largely influenced by women’s position in society, which does not always allow equal access to economic, social and political resources.

Fertility control is crucial to women’s health status and as such abortion is a legitimate part of health service provision.

The Pregnancy Advisory Centre upholds the principles of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Amsterdam Declaration 2002.

Sexuality and Gender Diversity

The Pregnancy Advisory Centre acknowledges that people who are sex and/or gender diverse, those who do not identify as heterosexual, and/or live with intersex variation(s) can experience unintended pregnancies and offers a safe and inclusive service. 

You might be experiencing an unintended pregnancy, requiring access to contraception, or be supporting a friend to do the same and the Pregnancy Advisory Centre can help with support, counselling, information and referrals.

The Pregnancy Advisory Centre website content is directed towards people who are pregnant and referred to as ‘women’ while the information for those supporting them can include ‘for men’. The Pregnancy Advisory Centre acknowledges the limitations of these terms as generalist only and means no harm or disrespect in doing so.

The Pregnancy Advisory Centre has established relationships with many other services such as SHine SA that can provide specialist information for the GLBTIQA+ community. The SHine SA website provides a list of service locations in South Australia as well as resources and services offered.

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