Rheumatology outpatient services at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) Rheumatology Unit provides inpatient and outpatient services for patients living in the Central Adelaide Local Area Health Network and rural areas who suffer from arthritis, inflammatory connective tissue disease and other musculoskeletal disorders.

Contact details 

Fax (for referrals): (08) 8222 7188

Appointment enquiries and new case appointments

Rheumatology unit: (08) 8222 7030 or (08) 8222 7010

Review or change of appointments

Rheumatology outpatients: (08) 8222 7030 or (08) 8222 7010

Appointment locations

Rheumatology outpatients: c/o Orthopaedic and Rheumatology outpatients

Location: Outpatient Department
Ground Floor Areas 2 and 4
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Woodville South

Location: Rheumatology Department
5C Tower Block
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Woodville South

Services and clinics available

Services provided are:

  • Clinic consultations for diagnostic and management
  • Clinical Trials Centre
  • Infusion Service
  • Inpatient consultations
  • Inpatient admission
  • Joint aspiration / injection
  • Rheumatological ultrasonography.

Clinics provided are:

  • Biologic clinic
  • Rheumatoid arthritis clinic
  • Spondylarthropathies clinic
  • Pulmonary hypertension clinic
  • Myositis / vasculitis clinic
  • Connective tissue disease clinic
  • General rheumatology clinic
  • Gout / injection clinic

Rheumatology outpatients

Although many rheumatological conditions require supervision from a rheumatologist long term, wherever possible, the objective of a rheumatology outpatient appointment is to provide an assessment of the patient, an opinion regarding the key clinical issues and advice to the patient and the referring practitioner over one to two visits followed by formal discharge from the clinic.

This particularly applies to slowly evolving conditions, which may have a longer waiting time for an appointment and for which specialised drug therapies and/or disease monitoring are not indicated.

A variety of “themed” clinics are held. Patients are generally seen by a Consultant Rheumatologist, either directly or in an overseeing role following inputs from a Registrar and/or a Specialist Nurse, depending on the reason for referral and the patient’s ongoing care needs.

Day Clinic (all at TQEH) Specialists attending Conditions seen
Biologic clinic A/Prof M Rischmueller
A/Prof C Hill
Dr S Burnet
Dr R Black
Ankylosing spondylitis
Psoriatic arthritis
Reactive arthritis
Monday Rheumatoid
A/Prof M Rischmueller
A/Prof C Hill
Dr S Burnet
Dr R Black
Dr F Cai*
Rheumatoid arthritis
DMARD patients
Recent onset joint inflammation/rheumatoid arthritis
Rheumatological ultrasound
Monday Private (pm) A/Prof C Hill  
Tuesday Spondylarthritis Dr S Whittle
A/Prof C Hill
Ankyolsing Spondylitis
Psoriatic Arthritis
Enteropathic Arthritis
Reactive Arthritis
Tuesday Private (am) A/Prof C Hill  
Wednesday Private (pm) Dr S Whittle  
Dr S Whittle
A/Prof C Hill
Pts with PAH secondary to
Rheumatological diseases
Dr S Whittle
A/Prof C Hill
A/Prof M Rischmueller
Includes Polymyalgia rheumatica,
Giant Cell Arteritis
Thursday (2-3 per month) Connective Tissue Disease A/Prof C Hill
Dr S Whittle
A/Prof M Rischmueller
Includes systemic lupus
Sjogren's syndrome
Friday General Rheumatology Dr S Whittle Injection clinics
Assessment of Rheumatological Disorders

*Dr F Cai – provides consultation for patients requiring Ultrasonography to assess for inflammation

Bulkbill clinics

All clinics at TQEH are bulk-billed, pending a named referral to one of the clinic specialists.

^This clinic is at the Queen Elizabeth Specialist Centre and has a gap (currently at capacity).

Referral process

Immediate referral process

Where consultation is “same day” urgent, the rheumatology registrar or the on call rheumatology consultant if after hours, should be contacted via the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Switchboard (08) 8222 6000 to discuss the patient.A written referral marked URGENT should then be faxed to (08) 8222 7188 or sent with the patient if urgent assessment arranged.If the condition is life-threatening, the patient should be sent to the nearest Emergency Department.

Less-urgent referrals

Preferred method of referral is by fax or letter.

Fax number: (08) 8222 7188

All referrals including those urgently requiring consultation must be in writing and a named referral is preferred.Please fax written referral to (08) 8222 7188. In many cases patients will be sent a request for a blood test to be performed prior to their appointment. This will assist both with assessment of urgency, and their initial clinic assessment.

Non-urgent referrals will be allocated to the next available appointment. The waiting time for appointment will vary and be dependent on the demand for this service and the medical urgency of the patient’s condition.

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