Being a patient or visitor at Noarlunga Hospital

Admission to hospital can be a stressful event and Noarlunga Hospital staff and volunteers are there to help you. Feeling confident about your treatment is an important part of the healing process. We encourage you to ask questions and discuss with us any concerns you may have.

Our Patient Information Guide (PDF 643KB)(opens in a new window) provides practical information about the daily routine of the hospital, the staff you may meet, and the services that are available while you are a patient at Noarlunga Hospital.

If you are preparing to come into hospital, you can use the Question Builder to help determine what question you need to ask.

Informed Consent

‘Consent’ means agreeing to a proposed specific procedure after you have been given proper and sufficient explanation of the nature and likely consequences and risks of the procedure.

Public hospitals in South Australia follow legislative and SA Health guidelines relating to consent. Your consent must be given in writing before all operations, blood transfusions, radiotherapy treatment, examinations under anaesthetic and non-operative procedures of a serious nature. Written consent must also be given for the administration of local, spinal or general anaesthetic procedures.

If your capacity to make decisions is impaired and you have an Advance Care Directive (ACD), your substitute decision maker will be able to provide consent on your behalf.

For more information visit the SA Health Consent to medical treatment and healthcare page.

Patient entertainment

Bedside computers have been installed for patient entertainment at Noarlunga Hospital.

The bedside entertainment services are provided by Telstra and give patients access to a number of different entertainment options on a pre-paid basis.

Entertainment packages

General and patient enquiries

Telephone: (08) 8384 9222
Fax: (08) 8326 3696

Consumer feedback

The Consumer Advisory Service (CAS) coordinates consumer feedback, including:

  • complaints
  • compliments
  • suggestions
  • enquiries

For further information and contact details, view the Consumer Advisory Service page.

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