General Medicine Services at Flinders Medical Centre

The General Medicine service is one of the largest services in the hospital and deals with patients requiring emergency hospital care for medical conditions who have complex and multi system disease.

General Medicine is made up of 7 units - the Acute Medical Unit, five long stay units and Medical Ambulatory Care Service (MACS). Each unit is staffed by a consultant, registrar, resident medical officers training in internal medicine and intern and each team interacts with a team of skilled nurses and allied health professionals.

Mission statement

The General Medicine staff believes that every effort is directed toward the health and best interests of the patients being cared for. This is undertaken using evidence-based medicine, effective communication, along with high standards of professional and ethical behaviour. There is a commitment to research and teaching within the General Medicine Department.

See also: Acute Medical Unit
See also: Medical Ambulatory Care Services

Contact details

Dr Stephen Hedger
Telephone: (08) 8204 6249
Fax: (08) 8204 6377


General Medicine Clinic at Flinders Medical Centre 

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