DOSA (Day of Surgery Admission Unit) at Flinders Medical Centre

The function of the unit is to prepare you for your surgery on the day of your admission. After your surgery you will go to the ward relevant to your surgery unless you are having day surgery in which case you will return to the DOSA unit recovery area. If you have special needs after your surgery you may go to the high dependency unit (Ward 5F on level 5) or the Intensive Care Unit on level 3. Your doctor will discuss this with you if this is expected.

Please note that it may be necessary to have both male and female patients in a bay.

Your Rights and Responsibilities is discussed in the patient information folder and a booklet is available in the unit for you to read. Please ask the nurse for a copy.

Cancelling your surgery

If you develop a cold, persistent cough, sore throat, fever or any other illness between the time you last saw your doctor or had your preadmission appointment and your admission; your surgery may be postponed. Please let the hospital admission office know as soon as possible on (08) 8204 4126 during business hours.


If you are having day surgery or staying one night in hospital, you must have a responsible adult accompany you or provide transport from the hospital and stay with you for the first 24 hours following anaesthesia. Legally you are not allowed to drive for 24 hours after an anaesthetic. You are advised not to bring in your car.


Waiting room space is limited in the DOSA Unit so we ask (where possible) for only one support person to accompany you if needed. To maintain patient confidentiality, safety, privacy and comfort, no visitors are able to enter the Theatre or Post-operative Recovery Area, except in ‘special circumstances’. In the interest of fasting patients, we ask support persons not to eat or drink in the DOSA admissions area. There are coffee shop facilities available for visitors on levels 2, 3 and 4. Please ask a staff member for directions

Contact details

Telephone: (08) 8204 7375
Hours: Monday to Friday, 6.45am to 8.30pm

Location: Level 3, Flinders Medical Centre
Directions: Use Western Carpark, enter through Main Entrance
Follow 'Lift to Wards' Corridor left of the stairs, take Koala lifts to Level 3, destination is adjacent the lifts. 
For further directions, please speak to the volunteers who run the Guide Service. Their desk is located at the top of the main entrance stairs.
Maps: Flinders Medical Centre Precinct Map (PDF 587KB)DOSA Unit Map - DOSA FMC (PDF 55.5KB)

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