Bone Tumour Unit at Flinders Medical Centre

The South Australian Sarcoma & Bone Tumour Unit was established in 2015 and is an integrated Multidisciplinary System for South Australia and Northern Territory and has been formed specifically for dealing with the complexities of tumours of connective tissue and musculoskeletal origin. It provides a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach providing coordinated and comprehensive cancer care. In particular, it is a tertiary referral service that provides comprehensive multidisciplinary Sarcoma care.

It is best practice for people with cancer to be overseen by a specialist who is a member of a multidisciplinary cancer care team. A multidisciplinary cancer care team is a group of health professionals that meet regularly to oversee the diagnosis and staging of cancer, as well as the development of individualised treatment plans for people with cancer.

The Multidisciplinary Team for Extremity Soft Tissue and Bone Tumours is located at the Flinders Medical Centre and is the central point of referral for all South Australia and Northern Territory patients with clinical concerns in this area of orthopaedic care. The Bone Tumour Unit is a Statewide Service and a dedicated clinician is located in each major health network, and treatment may be able to be provided closer to a patients’ home, if deemed clinically appropriate.


All referrals to the unit can be made using the Statewide Sarcoma Network Referral Form. All referrals will be rapidly triaged by a senior clinician and all details will be logged on the Bone Tumour Unit Database, to ensure no data is lost. Prior to clinical review, a number of tasks may need to be completed, such as further imaging of the lesion in question, or in fact biopsy of the mass. All of this planning and any interventions will be under the guidance of the clinicians in the Bone Tumour Unit, to ensure the highest levels of safety for our patients. The pathways to achieve multidisciplinary care may differ, depending on your particular clinical challenge.

Useful links and further information

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Contact details

Telephone: (08) 8204 7813   
Fax: (08) 8374 0832

Location: Room 5A 153, Level 5, Flinders Medical Centre
Directions: Use Western Carpark, enter through Main Entrance
Take Stairs to Level 2, take Koala lifts to Level 5, your destination will be near the lifts.
Flinders Medical Centre Precinct Map (PDF 587KB)

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