Acute Medical Unit (AMU) at Flinders Medical Centre

The AMU is a 30 bed Acute Medical Unit which admits all General Medical patients with OPAL Older Persons Assessment Liaison and RCOT Residential Care Outreach Service patients.

The role of the AMU is to ‘sort’ and allocate patients to inpatient teams with an extensive assessment and planning function achieved by a comprehensive interaction with both medical and nursing staff and is complemented by the AMU allied health team early discharge planning.

Patients who are admitted to the AMU will be cared for by long stay teams or if patients only require a short admission they will be cared for by the AMU team and discharged within 24-48 hours.

Patients may also be reviewed and then transferred to another facility for their planned care to be carried out. The average length of stay (LOS) for the AMU patient is 24-48hrs from the time they arrive from ED to discharge or transfer to a ward.

The AMU is able to care for those patients who require initial cardiac monitoring and closer observation for a short time prior to their admission to the long stay wards.

Contact details

Location: Level 3, Flinders Medical Centre
Directions: Use Western Carpark, enter through Northern Entrance
Take the Kangaroo lift to Level 3, the destination will be adjacent lift.
Map: Flinders Medical Centre Precinct Map (PDF 587KB)

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