Volunteering a family affair at Flinders Medical Centre

(Southern Health News, April 2019)

Nanna’s the word for Rory

Jan Lecky is so passionate about volunteering at Flinders Medical Centre that she even got her grandson, Adelaide Football Club’s Rory Laird, to ‘have a go.’

Rory joined his nanna for a couple of week’s work experience when he was in his teens, and said it was a great experience.

‘I think it’s important to give back to the community where you can. Working alongside my nanna was fun and I met some great people. I would certainly recommend volunteering to anyone who has some free time,’ said the prolific half back.

Jan has been volunteering with the Flinders Medical Centre Volunteer Service for 21 years and said the experience was ‘valuable.’

‘It keeps me busy and gives me a chance to help people when they are going through a difficult time,’ said Jan, who works in the Flinders Volunteer Shop.

‘I would recommend volunteering to absolutely everyone, young and old, as not only do you help others but you learn things about yourself, including kindness and generosity.’

More than 600 volunteers give their time, talent and creativity to contribute around 135,000 hours of volunteer service at the Flinders Medical Centre each year.

The service has raised millions of dollars towards improving facilities and care at Flinders Medical Centre.

Are you interested in learning more about volunteering at Flinders Medical Centre? Call 8204 3009.

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