Neonatal Unit expansion at Flinders Medical Centre

Flinders Medical Centre’s Neonatal Unit provides lifesaving care for premature babies born in Adelaide’s south as well as country areas and the Northern Territory.

For families, the experience of having a baby come into the world not as expected or planned is life changing.

That is why we embrace parental involvement, placing families at the centre of care and empowering them as primary caregivers. This approach to neonatal care partners parents with the clinical team and has positive effects on the babies, families and staff.

Our new $17.5 million purpose-built neonatal area was completed in December 2018 and provides 50 cots in a healing and supportive environment for families.

The new space is modern, spacious and calming, providing families with more comfortable and private spaces to better bond with their babies.

It also houses state-of-the-art technology to enable our clinicians to maintain a high quality of care to the more than 1,250 families that use the specialist facility each year.

The new world class facility features additional cot spaces, family rooms, overnight accommodation for families, admission assessment bay, isolation rooms and a simulation clinical space for clinicians to train in resuscitation and critical care.

Flinders Medical Centre is also the only hospital in the South Australia/Northern Territory region equipped with all surgical and medical specialities to treat mothers who have had complications or delivered prematurely. This holistic service puts us at the forefront of neonatal care for the state.

Each family has a unique journey. A journey taken with our expert staff.

Our neonatal area puts the needs of our tiniest patients and their families centre stage, and the new expanded space will provide a family friendly, contemporary backdrop to deliver outstanding neonatal services in Adelaide’s south.

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