How well antibiotics can work

Antibiotics are medicines used to prevent and treat bacterial infections.

Elizabeth Becker - patient at Flinders Medical Centre, explained how well antibiotics have worked for her family in time of illness.

‘My family has a very strong appreciation of antibiotics, as my father – who is now 95 – received some of the first antibiotics at the end of WW2 after he was wounded in the chest in Bougainville. Without them he would likely have died.

More recently I had my own experience of the great value of these incredible drugs.

I came down with what I thought was the flu on 5 October. I felt awful, with a high temperature, muscle aches, shivering and sweating, no appetite and total weariness. My doctor ordered a flu test plus blood tests as she was unsure, and by that stage I had a slight indication of rash as well. The blood tests revealed no flu, but some kind of infection raging. The doctor thought it might be meningococcal and sent me straight to hospital. This was on 11 October.

It turned out I had meningococcal meningitis and was put on intravenous antibiotic treatment. It was amazing how quickly the antibiotics worked and by 12 October I felt about 1000 percent better! I have never felt more ill in all my life and am so glad the antibiotics were available. It is so important antibiotics are not overused, as resistance would have made treating this (and other) nasty little bacteria much harder. Antibiotics used wisely are FANTASTIC!’

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