Who can attend SA Dental Service clinics

SA Dental Service provides a range of dental services for all children under 18 years and eligible adults at clinics throughout South Australia.   

Children under 18 years

All babies, children and young people under 18 years, are welcome to attend a School Dental Service clinic.

Dental care is free for all babies and all children not yet at school.

Dental Care is free for children if they are under 18 years and a card holder of the following:

  • the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)
  • a Pensioner Concession Card
  • a Health Care Card
  • a School Card Scheme.

If a child is not a holder of one of these a small fee may apply for each course of general dental care provided. Any dental emergencies treated at a School Dental Service Clinic between check ups are also covered by this fee.

See the School dental service page for more information.

Young adults

When a person turns 18, they are no longer able to attend a school dental service clinic.  They may be able to attend a community dental service clinic. 

If a person is a holder of:

  • Pensioner Concession Card or
  • Health Care Card

They can contact their local Community Dental Service clinic to discuss dental care options.  

 If a person is not a holder of one of these cards, they will need to access dental  care from a private dentist.


Holders of one of the following cards issued by a department of the Australian Government (i.e. Centrelink or Department of veterna's Affairs):

  • Pensioner Concession Card or 
  • Health Care Card 

can receive dental care at a Community Dental Service clinic. An Adult listed on a card as a 'dependant' is also eligible. A person listed as a 'partner' on a card is not eligible unless they have their own card. 

See adult Concession Cards accepted at SA Dental Service clinics for more information.

There is a cost for dental care at a Community Dental Service clinic.  See fees for adult dental services (PDF 175KB) for more details.

Waiting times apply for most dental services. 

See the Community Dental Service page for more information.

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander adults 

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander adults 18 years and over and a card holder of one of the following:

  • Pensioner Concession Card or 
  • Health Care Card 

can receive general, emergency and denture services, at no cost.

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander adults have access to priority dental care at Community Dental Service clinics.

See the Aboriginal Oral Health Program page for more information.

Adelaide Dental Hospital

Specialist dental services are available at the Adelaide Dental Hospital by referral from a SA Dental Service Community Dental Service clinic or private practitioner. 

Fees and waiting times apply for all specialist dental services.


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