South Australia’s Oral Health Plan Consultation


South Australia’s Oral Health Plan (SAOHP) provides the strategic framework for addressing the oral health needs of South Australians. The inaugural South Australian Oral Health Plan expired at the end of 2017. SA Dental Service facilitated the consultation process and development of the next SAOHP. Stakeholder feedback from the June 2018 consultation paper was reviewed and has been used to inform development of the draft SAOHP, guided by input from stakeholder representatives on the SAOHP Working Group.

Following approval of the draft SAOHP (PDF 1MB) by the Minister for Health and Wellbeing, we invite you to be part of this final consultation process by providing feedback on the draft SAOHP, using the consultation questions outlined below. The graphic design and formatting of the SAOHP will occur once consultation on the content has been finalised.


The aim of South Australia’s Oral Health Plan (SAOHP) is to improve the oral health of South Australians, in particular those groups most at risk of poor oral health. 


Have your say about the future of oral health in South Australia and how this should be reflected in South Australia’s Oral Health Plan.

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