Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS)

The Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS) – called PATS for short - is a scheme which provides subsidies towards the cost of travel and accommodation when rural and remote South Australians have to travel to see their nearest medical specialist.

You may be eligible for PATS if:

  • you live more than 100 kilometres away from the nearest treating specialist
  • your treatment is claimable under Medicare
  • you have claimed any available benefits from your private health fund.

Approved escorts are also eligible for PATS.

Whats covered?

PATS can contribute to the cost of your accommodation and travel, including air travel authorised by your specialist if required. Specific details about  what’s covered can be found in the PATS Guidelines for Assessment (PDF 1MB).

Access the PATS online calculator tool to determine the distance you travel from your permanent place of residence to specialist medical services.

Apply online

The PATS online portal is quick and easy to use – login or register to make your claim. Make sure you have an email address and your Medicare number handy.

You have six months to submit an application after the date you visited your medical specialist.

GPs and Specialist medical practitioners must  register and be certified by PATS for portal access. 

If you need help, call PATS on 1300 341 684 or email

Paper-based PATS forms are still available if you need them and can be accessed below.

Application Form

    Further information

    Contact the PATS team on:

    Phone: 1300 341 684

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