Home Care Package Program

Home care packages provide assistance for people who need help to stay safe and well at home.

Sometimes you may find that you cannot manage some things around your home like you used to. Home care packages are one type of assistance that you could use, alongside the support of family and friends and other community resources.

Home Care Packages are offered on the basis of availability and a waiting list may apply in some areas. 

To find out more, contact the Country Referral unit by telephoning 1800 003 307.

New choices in home care

With Consumer Directed Care (CDC) you will have a budget allocated for your home care package, which consists of the funds the government has allocated to you, based on your assessed need, plus your contribution and any income tested fees that may apply. For more information, view the Home Care Package Program - Information for consumers brochure (PDF 1MB).

The purpose of the package is to help you stay at home for as long as possible, and, provided that it meets legal and safety requirements, you will get to make informed decisions about how the funds are spent in conjunction with you Case Manager.

Country Health SA holds these funds on your behalf and works with you to coordinate the agreed services. Each month you will get a statement that lets you see exactly the funds you have, how much you can spend and how much has already been spent and on what.

You can decide on the arrangements that will work best for you.

Types of assistance

Every person can design their own care plan according to their needs and preferences.

Case Managers will work with you to tailor a program of support to best meet your needs and goals. The program is aimed at maintaining independence and helping you to continue to participate in activities that are important to you.

View the Consumer Directed Care case study (PDF 158KB), which details a Community Aged Care Package client scenario.

Below are some examples of services available, however you can also talk to your Country Health SA Case Manager about designing other services.

Personal assistance

  • dressing, showering and using the toilet
  • assistance with planning and making meals

General support in and out of the home

  • doing the cleaning and laundry
  • doing the shopping and getting to appointments
  • encouragement to take part in social and community activities
  • relearning skills to help you claim back some of your independence after a set back
  • gardening and home maintenance
  • changes to your home to make it safer and easier for you to live there

Help to stay healthy

  • nurse visits to undertake clinical care and support
  • seeing professionals like physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, dentists, podiatrists and dieticians
  • support to manage your medications and any regular health checks you need to do
  • reconnecting with your local community and joining group activities – hyperlink to Wellness and Staying connected

For more information on home care packages

Please contact the following areas between 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

Country Referral Unit

Telephone: 1800 003 307

Adelaide Hills - Home Care Package Program 

Community Health Service
Telephone: (08) 8393 1833

Coober Pedy - Eyre, Flinders & Far North (West)

Telephone: (08) 8672 5376

Gawler - Inner North Community Health Service

Telephone: (08) 8521 2080

Maitland – Yorke Peninsula

Narungga Elder Care Program
Telephone: (08) 8832 2050

Port Lincoln - Eyre Home Care Package Program

Telephone: (08) 8683 2742

Riverland - Home Care Package Program 

Barmera Campus
Telephone: (08) 8588 0451

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