Screening for Aboriginal women

If you are a woman 40 years or older, and especially over 50, it is best to check your breasts with a free screening mammogram (breast X-ray) every two years. Then we can find cancer early and give you greater chance of successful treatment.

Looking after your breasts

Looking after the health of your breasts is important. Even if you can’t see any breast problems or feel a breast lump, you still need to check that your breasts are healthy.

About breast screening

A screening mammogram looks inside your breasts. Most of the time, everything is OK. But sometimes the screening mammogram can show a breast cancer when it is still very small, even before you can feel it.

Cancer can grow. It can also spread through the body.

While screening mammograms are not 100% accurate, they are the best way to find cancer early, before it gets too big or spreads.

The earlier cancer is found, the better chance we have of saving a woman’s breast, and her life.

Your visit to the clinic

At the clinic there will be a female radiographer. After you take off your top, she will take X-rays of both your breasts. She needs to press each breast in the X-ray machine to get the best picture. Some women may find this uncomfortable, but it only lasts for a few seconds.

After your visit to the clinic, your X-rays are sent to Adelaide for checking. If there are any problems, BreastScreen SA will contact you, or your doctor or Health Worker.

Most women have no problems and receive a letter saying there were no signs of breast cancer.

Group bookings

You can come to a BreastScreen SA clinic on your own, or with other women and you can wait together.

We understand long distances and access to transport can be a problem for women living in remote areas. Group bookings and assistance with transport for groups of eligible women can be arranged to overcome these difficulties.

Group bookings are also available for those women who would prefer to attend as a group. Should a group wish to visit the clinic please call 13 20 50 to arrange a booking.


We have 3 mobile screening units travelling to country regions around South Australia and 7 clinics based in the Adelaide.

Contact your Health Worker to find out where the mobile screening units are during the year.

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