Information for carers and support persons

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers diagnosed in Australian women; one in 10 will develop breast cancer before the age of 75. Thankfully there has been a steady reduction in breast cancer mortality in recent years thanks to improved treatments, education and early detection through breast cancer screening.

A guide to Breast Health (PDF 994KB) is a pictorial resource booklet that has been adapted from BreastScreen WA. It assists those women with low literacy, sight impairment, intellectual disability and their families and carers to be aware of the importance of breast health and regular breast screening.

It is a free resource.

The booklet covers the areas of:

  • breast awareness
  • clinical breast examination
  • mammography screening
  • information for families and carers.

You can download an electronic copy, or order a hard copy by emailing BreastScreen SA at

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