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BreastScreen SA screens more than 90,000 South Australian women aged over 40 each year for early stage breast cancer that can be too small to be felt – and each year, we find around 750 breast cancers in women who have no symptoms of the disease. That’s 750 breast cancers that may have otherwise gone undetected until they were large enough to be felt.

Yet sadly, only one in two women aged over 50 actually makes an appointment for this free screening service…

Breast screening - my friends are everything to me

Are you one in two?

We’re on a mission to strengthen our circle of friends and screen more women than ever before in the hope of finding more early stage breast cancers. This gives our friends (the women of South Australia) a greater chance for simpler breast cancer treatments and more successful outcomes.

We need your help!

With only 1 in 2 South Australian women aged over 50 having a regular breast screen, that’s almost certainly someone you know and care about who isn’t taking part.

We set ourselves a target to screen 50,000 women by 31 December 2019, with the hope of finding approximately 400 breast cancers.

So how are we doing?

50,000 targeted for 2019

We need your help to spread the word and share the love!

Previous targets

*From 1 July to 31 December 2019, we asked the South Australian public to join our Circle of Friends to help us screen 50,000 women – and we almost made it! In total, 44,794 women took up the opportunity for a free breast screen. Thank you everyone for helping and for joining our Circle of Friends.

Can you help us?

If you know a woman aged over 50 who isn’t screening every two years with BSSA, encourage her to become a friend of BSSA by calling 13 20 50 to make an appointment. Or if you’re a woman aged over 50 and thinking about joining our circle of friends by having a screening mammogram, you can read more about what is involved and call 13 20 50 to make your appointment at one of our clinics.

Spread the word – add the hash tag #BSSA_BFF

Already a BSSA BFF? Spread the word by sharing this page to your social media (see the buttons at the top right of the page). You never know who you’ll encourage to have this life saving test.

Where are we?

We have seven metropolitan clinics that are open Monday to Friday, with some Saturday morning appointments available. We also have three mobile screening units that travel to 27 rural locations across the state every two years, ensuring every South Australian woman aged over 40 has access to free breast cancer screening.

Some more reasons why the early detection of breast cancer is so important…

  • 9 out of 10 women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of the disease.
  • 75% of all breast cancers in Australia are diagnosed in women over 50 years of age.
  • 1 in 10 South Australian women will develop breast cancer before 75 years of age.

And more reasons why our friends love us…

For SA women aged 50 to 69, screening with BSSA every two years has been found to reduce your chance of dying from breast cancer by up to 41%.

Screening mammography is the only clinically proven way to detect breast cancer at an early stage, before it can be felt.

We go above and beyond standard practice, with each screening mammogram being read by two independent radiologists. In some cases, a third radiologist is consulted.

Some of South Australia’s premier breast radiologists, surgeons and radiographers work for BreastScreen SA, making our program a centre of excellence for mammography in South Australia.

With more than 25 years of service to the South Australian community, BSSA has provided more than 1.3 million free screening mammograms for women aged 50 to 74.

Our service is accredited with both the national BreastScreen Australia program and the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards. Accountability and performance are embedded into the design of BSSA and ensure we are delivering the very best possible service to the women of South Australia.

And the very best bit?

Our service is completely free.

While you do not need a doctor’s referral to come to BSSA, we do ask you to provide your general practitioner’s (GP) details so we can inform them of your results and ensure they are included in your care. If you are still unsure if breast screening is right for you, you can discuss this with your GP or call us on 13 20 50 and speak with one of our Medical Officers.

So do you have 10 minutes? See what you can’t feel. 

Get free peace of mind and call 13 20 50 to book your next breast screen.

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