A quality service for you


At BreastScreen SA, we are committed to providing you, our clients, with the very best possible service and experience during your time with us.

To do this, we need your help in ensuring we’re meeting your expectations – were the staff friendly and helpful? Did the information you received answer all of your questions? Is there anything we can do better to improve your experience next time?

If you have used the service and have a comment, suggestion or general feedback you’d like to pass on, please email us at

Thank you for helping to make this dedicated service exceptional.

Your feedback at work

BreastScreen SA takes feedback very seriously, and implements improvements wherever possible. Below are examples of suggestions our clients have made that have been put into action to improve the service delivery for others.

I can’t find the clinic

We often receive suggestions of ways to improve the signage for our clinics to assist clients in finding them. 

  • Additional signage at our Arndale clinic has been installed after ongoing feedback that the clinic was hard to locate.
  • One recent suggestion has been to include a link to Google Maps in the client’s appointment confirmation SMS text message. This innovative suggestion is currently being investigated as a solution to improve location of clinics where additional signage is not possible.

Too much information

We hear you. In response to the ‘overload’ of information that was previously sent to clients, we have consolidated and redesigned our letters and info packages to ensure duplicated information is minimised and messages are easier to understand. The result has seen the amount of paper sent to our clients halved (saving many trees in the process).

Too many questions

We love to ask questions. We like to know who you are, what your date of birth is, and where you live. We also like to know a little bit about your health history, and even your family history. These may seem like tedious questions, but every element of our pink Personal Questionnaire and Consent for Screening form is needed to ensure we can provide the very best possible service to the right people.

At this point in time, pre-populating the pink consent form isn’t possible, however we are hoping to have a simpler solution in the future. In the meantime, we thank you for your understanding.

I need a disposable gown

Being sensitive to and maintaining the dignity of our clients is paramount for BSSA. Gowns are available for every woman who attends for a screening mammogram in our clinics. However we are also mindful of the environment, and as a client only wears the disposable gown for a short period of time, we try to encourage women to cover their shoulders with their shirt or jacket instead. To ensure clients know that gowns are available if they need one, we’ve implemented signage in our clinic waiting areas advising them to ask for one.

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