COVID-Ready modelling

South Australia’s COVID-Ready Plan outlines the safe easing of restrictions and how COVID-19 will be managed in South Australia.

The COVID-Ready Plan has been updated to outline a further reduction in restrictions across South Australia from 28 December. This includes reducing the quarantine requirements for international arrivals, as well as relaxation of social measures.

The updates to the COVID-Ready Plan have been informed by expert modelling, undertaken by highly expert, independent academics from the University of Adelaide, who are part of the broader Doherty Institute Network. The modelling is specific to South Australia and was commissioned by SA Health in partnership with SAHMRI. It takes into account South Australia’s local population factors such as age profile, vaccination rates throughout different age groups, testing and contact tracing capacity, as well how changes in public health and social measures help to suppress stopping a case becoming an outbreak.

Modelling work will be ongoing after the borders open on 23 November 2021, as the accuracy of the data will improve over time when COVID-19 cases and any onward transmission of infection from these cases are added to the model. This will inform next steps to further ease public health and social measures when safe to do so.