COVID-19 workplace risk mitigation

Remote or isolated workers who are restricted zone residents and specialist workers in essential sections must have an approved SA Police Cross Border Travel Registration application that authorises them to enter South Australia as an essential traveller.

These workers must attach a declaration to their Cross Border Travel Registration application that declares the employer or operator is compliant with COVID-19 risk mitigation guidelines made by the Chief Public Health Officer.

The declaration must also demonstrate that the work is time critical, the appropriate skills are not available in SA or another unrestricted zone and that the service requires the person to be physically present in SA.

This declaration can be made by:

  • the employer or operator
  • the labour hire provider
  • an industry representative organisation
  • the Department of Primary Industries and Regions or the Department for Energy and Mining.

What are workplace risk mitigation strategies?

COVID-19 workplace risk mitigation strategies include hygiene, physical distancing, regular cleaning of common, frequently used areas, bathrooms and kitchens. Staff should also be informed of the business policy for illness and where possible, supported to stay home when they are unwell.

Guidance on developing risk mitigation declaration

How do I get approval to enter?

You must apply SA Police Cross Border Travel Registration application and attach the declaration.

Risk mitigation plans or declarations do not need to be submitted to SA Health, unless directed by SAPOL.

What if my application is declined?

If your application is declined by SAPOL but you believe you meet the requirements of the Direction, apply using the SA Health Travel Exemption application under the Specialist Worker or Remote or Isolated Worker categories and upload your supporting documentation.

For general enquiries or issues related to your application, email You will receive a response within 10 business days.