COVID-19 workplace risk mitigation (specialist workers in essential sectors)

Essential sectors with the need for individual specialist workers to enter and exit South Australia need to have a Workplace Risk Mitigation plan for COVID-19. This includes identifying potential risks, hazards and the controls in place to mitigate these potential risks.

Who needs a COVID-19 Essential Traveller Workplace Risk Mitigation Plan?

Only essential sectors in the Cross Border Travel Direction are required to have approval by the Department of Health and Wellbeing (SA Health) about their workplace risk mitigation plan. 

Who needs a workplace risk mitigation strategy? Is it different from a plan?

The Cross Border Travel Direction includes essential traveller categories that only require a risk mitigation strategy to be in place at workplaces.

This is not a plan that needs to be submitted to SA Health.

A risk management strategy could include hygiene, physical distancing, regular cleaning of common, frequently used areas, bathrooms and kitchens. Staff should also be informed of the business policy for illness and where possible, supported to stay home when they are unwell.

How to create your Workplace Risk Mitigation Plan

Submitting your Workplace Risk Mitigation Plan

Your plan can be submitted to SA Health at and please email if you require assistance or have any queries while completing your plan.