Directions, activity and travel restrictions for Aboriginal communities

Travel to Adelaide

During the warmer months there’s increased movement of people right across the state for cultural activities and holidays.

We’re reminded to be extra careful in high traffic areas such as shops and gatherings.

If you are moving around the state during these times, current SA Government COVID-19 recommendations include:

COVID-19 restrictions and directions

South Australia

For local restrictions, quarantine and testing requirements view the South Australian exposure locations webpage.

To protect our Aboriginal mob, there may be restrictions in place on entering some Aboriginal communities. Before you visit, check with your community.

To protect South Australians from COVID-19 entering from neighbouring states, some activity restrictions are in place to help reduce the risk of the virus spreading into our state and communities:

  • Restrictions on activities will continue and can be found on the COVID-19 website.
  • Masks are required in shared indoor public spaces (shops), transport services (buses, trains, planes), health care services, high risk settings (aged care centres), and personal care services (hairdressers, nail salons). For advice on masks visit the Face masks page.

Please also continue to:


Different levels of restrictions, quarantine and testing requirements exist for entry into South Australia from all states and territories.

If you’ve crossed the border lately, make sure you follow the directions for quarantine and testing and encourage others to do the same.

For travel restrictions and updates, all travellers should monitor the COVID-19 website, get tested immediately if COVID-19 symptoms develop, no matter how mild and complete a Cross-Border Travel Registration.