SA Health COVIDSafe Awards

Nominations are now closed.

The South Australian COVIDSafe Awards recognise and reward South Australian businesses and defined public activities who have demonstrated innovation and compliance with COVID-19 directions.

Businesses and defined public activities are required to submit a 300 word summary of how they have demonstrated innovation and compliance to be ‘COVIDSafe’ in their workplace.

To apply, businesses will need to be operating within South Australia and hold a current ABN.

A winner from each category will be awarded $5,000.

Nominations are now closed. 

A judging panel will assess all submissions and determine a winner for each category.

Winners will be announced and Awards will be presented in early August to each winner, with a visit to the business/organisation from the Chief Public Health Officer presenting them with their Award. Each presentation will be promoted as a media opportunity and vision will be taken for social media. Each business will also be promoted via the SA Health website.

Award categories

There are seven award categories:

  • Gyms and fitness
  • Sport and recreation
  • Cinemas, theatres and tourism operators
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Pubs, hotels, clubs, wineries and breweries
  • Personal care services
  • Other (e.g retail, churches, aged care)

How to nominate

Email a 300 word summary detailing your innovation and compliance (see Criteria below for assistance) along with your business/organisation name, contact details and ABN to by Sunday 5 July 2020.



Businesses/organisations will be asked to describe their compliance with the principles underlying the current Public Activites COVID-19 Directions for the easing of restrictions. They are aimed to provide general guidance to businesses, and the ways in which they are practiced will be specific to the products and services offered and the objectives of the business/organisation. These principles are as follows:

a) Reduce the potential spread of disease by reducing close contacts.
This may be done through physical distancing wherever, whenever possible (1.5 m space between individuals) and limiting the density of rooms to 1 person per 2 sq metres.

b) Reduce the likelihood that close contacts formed are sick.
This may be achieved through alerting staff and customers to stay home and get tested for COVID-19 if they have symptoms; checking in with staff regularly to see if they are unwell and having a sick leave policy and contingency plans in place.

c) Limiting contacts to people that know each other.
This may involve limiting gatherings to family groups or groups of friends and co-workers, or doing sports with the same groups of team members and/or opponents.

d) Reduce number of circumstances where close contacts can be created.
Examples of how this can be done include reducing movement in the venue by seating patrons, having separate entry and exit lanes, and addressing other areas where crowds may form such as waiting areas.

e) Reduce potential spread of disease through direct contact with bodily secretions on surfaces. This may include having alcohol-based hand sanitizer available, encouraging handwashing with soap and water, promoting respiratory etiquette, and thorough, frequent cleaning of equipment and the environment are all examples of how this principle is put into practice.


SA Health recognises that the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and of the measures to contain it have been unprecedented, and many people have had to make significant adjustments to support the efforts to protect the health of the public. Innovation, which is the development and application of new ideas to improve how things are done or can be achieved, has been vital in order to survive and thrive in this extraordinary time. These awards aim to recognise businesses that have demonstrated innovation while putting the principles described above into practice for a COVID-safe recovery.

The ways in which businesses/organisations may demonstrate innovation are as follows:

a) Adapt to changes in the environment in order to deliver products or services.
Some questions that may help businesses/organisations describe their innovation in this respect may be:

  • How were products and services delivered given the physical distancing and density requirements?
  • Did your business/organisation find different means or different settings through which the product(s) or service(s) could be delivered?
  • Did your business/organisation use current modes of production or service delivery to produce a new product or service to meet new needs (eg. PPE, food services for healthcare workers or vulnerable populations).

b) Modify business processes.
This may include restructuring financial systems given the significant economic impact of restrictions; human resource management in the face of economic difficulties and reduction in workforce; and developing or using new information and communications technology to meet challenges.

c) Adjust marketing, which encompasses how products and services are promoted and the channels used to distribute them.
Businesses may think about how communication with customers have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, including making them aware of restrictions as well as the ways in which businesses have planned to mitigate risks of infection while continuing to deliver products and services. Positive messaging during this challenging time will be considered.

d) Change the business/organisation model.
Innovation in this aspect may involve revising the structure of the business. An important factor that SA Health will be assessing is the collaboration (which may not have previously existed) with suppliers, distributors, customers and other sectors. The ways in which businesses have provided support to employees, and incorporated feedback from employees and customers, are also be examples of how the business model may have changed.

Further information

For more information contact the SA Health Awards team on (08) 8226 6599 or email:

Terms and Conditions


The Awards are open to all operating South Australian businesses and organisations that hold a current ABN.

Award nominations

Award nominations must be submitted via email to and subject to these Terms and Conditions. Award nominations are subject to a word limit of 300 words.
Nominees must detail evidence to support their nominations. See Criteria for Innovation and Compliance (above). Nominees must be primarily and substantially responsible for the contribution that is the subject of the nomination.


Business/organisation information collected in the nomination process may be used and disclosed for the purpose of administering the nomination and awards process. Please note if you do not provide this information, your application may not be accepted. Media in relation to the Awards, including the presentation of awards may be filmed, audio recorded and/or photographed for public promotional purposes. All award winners will be promoted via media, social media and on the SA Health website. Any material supplied with an Award nomination that is subject to privacy laws or copyright, or is commercially sensitive must be clearly labelled as such.


Nominations will be judged on the 300 word summary in which businesses/organisations have demonstrated innovation and compliance with COVIDSafe directions. No additional information will be accepted after the closing date. The decisions of the judging panel are final and not subject to appeal. No correspondence will be entered into and assessment scores will not be released. The judging panel will select finalists in each category. In addition, if no entry is received in any category, or if the judging panel considers that no entry provides sufficient evidence of outstanding performance, no award will be given in that category.