GP reimbursement - invoicing SA Health

Supplier creation/maintenance form

In order to claim reimbursement for privately purchased influenza vaccine stock, please:

  • register for payment as a supplier on the state government payment system by completing the new Supplier Creation/Maintenance Form (DOCX 270KB) and return as soon as possible (new suppliers to SA Health only) to 
    Note: payments may be delayed if this form has not been processed prior to submission of your invoice.
  • ensure the invoice contains all information as detailed below and is emailed to
  • submit a consolidated invoice with applicable costs to be submitted no later than close of business Thursday 15 July 2022 for influenza vaccinations administered between 29 May and 30 June 2022 only.

The invoice must be addressed to the below details and sent via email:

SA Health
Department of Health and Wellbeing
GPO Box 287  
Adelaide SA 5001

Tax invoice 

The preferred tax invoice template (PDF 941KB) for GPs.

Submitting an invoice to SA Health

Invoices should be sent not more than weekly, noting that one consolidated invoice at the end of the identified period is also acceptable.

Invoices must be submitted to ensuring that all submission requirements are included by no later than close of business on Thursday 15 July 2022.

Submission requirements

For an invoice to be approved for payment, the following information must be clearly identified:

  • Unique invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Name, address and ABN
  • Total amount payable
  • GST amount, inclusive or exclusive as appropriate
  • The price of each vaccine is $21.95 plus GST, as per our arrangement for private vaccine supplies.

To claim the Vaccination Enhancement Funding, the Recipient must provide to the Government Party an invoice of the total number of eligible Influenza Vaccinations during the funding period, including:

  • details of the type of each influenza vaccination administered
  • dates that influenza vaccination was administered
  • vaccination provider number
  • written certification from the Recipient’s Contact Person that the Vaccination Enhancement Funding claim relates only to eligible INFLUENZA Vaccinations. Note: this can be included as a statement on a signed invoice
  • total gross invoice amount and tax (where applicable)
  • price of each vaccine is $21.95 plus GST
  • items which have GST and which do not (clearly state split tax codes).

Invoice requirements

  • Invoice to be attached to email - with supporting documents included in the same PDF
  • Scanner default setting to at least 300 DPI and monochrome (black and white)
  • The combined image file size per email should not exceed 1Mb
  • The invoice file name should be the invoice number
  • Duplicate invoices disrupt automated processing. Please send a single invoice directly to the Agency (email
  • Avoid coloured background colours or dark shading
  • Invoices should be type set rather than hand-written
  • No bar codes should be present or as a minimum should not be located near any of the text on the invoice
  • Remove content from invoice not directly required to facilitate payment (e.g. terms and conditions)
  • All text should be displayed horizontally
  • Do not cover or obscure invoice details with stamps or stickers.

Invoice enquiries

For invoice enquiries, please contact

Please ensure you provide the relevant information (e.g. invoice number, date of submission etc.) so your enquiry can be investigated as quickly as possible. Invoice payment may not be able to be made immediately, but the team will take the necessary action to ensure all invoices are processed in a timely manner.

Additional information

Please note that SA Health may seek additional information as part of any audit to validate an invoice.
Please ensure that all records are retained.