Aged and Community Care centres, private hospitals and Sunrise EMR & PAS

SA Health is expanding the implementation of its patient electronic medical record system (EMR) to more locations in metropolitan and regional South Australia. The EMR used in South Australia is called Sunrise EMR and PAS.

It is possible that you may receive questions from patients/residents about the system or come into contact with it during the course of your work.

There are many benefits to a patient having only one electronic medical record that can be accessed by clinicians as they move between health services – view information for patients, families and the community for more details.

Key points

Key points for Aged and Community Care centres and Private Hospitals regarding SA Health's electronic medical record (EMR):

  • It is a state-based electronic medical record that is used in some South Australian public hospitals and health services to document and manage patient care.
  • The system is used at major public hospitals, GP Plus Health Care Centres and Super Clinics in metropolitan Adelaide and in some regional areas – view all locations.
  • Patients who arrive to a healthcare site where the system is in use will have an electronic medical record created for them (if one does not already exist) and any treatment they receive will be documented electronically.
  • Upon discharge, the system generates a Discharge Summary – this is given to or sent with the patient. It outlines full details about the medical treatment they received.
  • Patient discharge summaries are automatically sent from Sunrise EMR to patients’ My Health Record, where the patient has a My Health Record account and is over the age of 18. With the patient’s consent, this service allows GPs to view their patient’s hospital information during follow up visits which will assist GPs in preparing ongoing care plans.
  • In addition to improving clinical and administrative processes, the EMR brings improvements to medication management through electronically generated prescriptions – view information for pharmacists.
  • Patient medical information is private and secure – view information for patients, families and community.
  • Unlike My Health Record, patients cannot opt out of having a South Australian-based electronic medical record. Once implemented at a SA Health hospital or healthcare site, it will be the only patient administration and clinical documentation system in use. If a patient presents to a Sunrise-enabled healthcare site and receives medical care, an EMR will be created for them.

Further information

Further information about EMR can also be found on the SA Health’s website at or email

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