Falls prevention education and training

SA Health recognises that skilled and knowledgeable staff are essential for the effective delivery of services that aim to reduce the risk of falls and injury from falls during care and across the community.

eLearning course - Falls Prevention

This course is for all SA Health staff involved in direct care and will assist in the translation of the national guidelines into practice, and to meet accreditation requirements. It includes additional resource materials for Falls Prevention Leaders and others to use as reference.

This course will enable learners to:

  • recognise the importance of preventing falls and harm from falls
  • identify common risk factors, high risk situations and conditions
  • identify appropriate multifactorial action
  • take action following a fall incident
  • identify actions to engage consumers and carers.

The eLearning course contains videos that explain all of the SA Health Falls Prevention tools including screening, assessment, care planning and post fall team review. 

The Falls Prevention online course is available to all SA Health employees.  Please visit the SA Health Safety and Quality elearning courses intranet page.

The Falls Prevention Leader training program

The Falls Prevention Leader program is now provided by the Local Health Networks. Contact your Falls Prevention Committee chair or Clinical Education team.


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