Safety Alert Broadcast System

The Safety Alert Broadcast System aims to communicate safety and quality information to South Australian health services to ensure that statewide, national and international experiences and information are actively shared across the system.

Each alert specifies action to be taken by health services, the timeframe in which such action must occur, and specific responsibility for the actions.

The Safety Alert Broadcast System (SABS) includes three tiers of notifications to provide SA health services with early warnings of issues, namely:

Safety alert icon. A red triangle with an exclamation mark in the centre
Safety Alert: Requiring immediate attention and action.


Safety notice icon. A circle with a captial N in the centreSafety Notice: Requiring risk assessment at the local level to determine appropriate action.


Saftery information icon. A green square with a lower case i in the centre.Safety Information: Ensuring that lessons learnt from statewide, national and international sources are shared actively across the South Australian health system.


The established process for Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) medical device recalls/product corrections is for the manufacturer/sponsor to dispatch letters to the relevant service providers within two working days of the recall date. If affected, the health service will have received a letter from the manufacturer/sponsor advising of the recall.

Device failure

A device may fail for a variety of reasons.

If a device failure is experienced, a health professional should report the incident into the Safety Learning System as well as to the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Refer to the Reporting problems section of the TGA web page.


Anita Chambers

SA TGA Liaison Officer

Telephone: (08) 8226 6035


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