Part 7 - Protected committees for Safety and Quality assessments

The purpose of Part 7 of the South Australian Health Care Act 2008 is to provide for the authorisation of a person or persons involved in activities associated with undertaking or making assessments, evaluations or recommendations with respect to the practices, procedures, systems, structures or processes of a health service:

  1. where the purpose of any such activity is wholly or predominantly to improve the quality and safety of health services; and
  2. where the public disclosure of, or public access to, information is restricted in order to achieve the best possible outcomes associated with the improvement of health services.

Part 7 s63(2) Health Care Act 2008 (SA)

The Health Care Act 2008 Part 7 Committees Policy Directive (PDF 196KB) has been released to ensure a uniform approach to the establishment and operation of protected committees across SA Health. The Policy provides governance which clearly outlines the responsibilities of committee members and health services.


Mandy Davies

Principal Project Officer - Governance and Policy

Telephone: (08) 8226 6320

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