New SA Health credentialling system (eCredential)

In 2018, SA Health will replace  the current Credentialling and Scope of Clinical Practice System (CSCPS) with a new system called eCredential. It is operated by Mercury, a Melbourne based Australian company.

The new system will eliminate paper based .applications so that health practitioners can maintain their own confidential credentialing profile, and decide when to share it with SA Health. Key project milestones are being completed by the central project team, by working with nominated clinicians and site contacts before the system changeover takes place.  

For the majority of health practitioners the only action required will be logging into eCredential to review their profile, after they have received an email invitation from the credentialling project team. Once eCredential goes live, a customised dashboard view will be accessible from all the SA Health work stations, and as a redirection from the CSCPS database website.

Why are we changing?

Health practitioners will be able to manage and share confidential credentialling information with SA Health in a single process. Only authorised staff will view the credentialling information, and it will be easier for credentials to be mutually recognised.

Key benefits and features

  • Eliminates the need for paper-based credentialling applications to be sent to multiple sites
  • An invite process for health practitioners to share their credentialling profile with SA Health
  • Links with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) for up to date registration status
  • LHNs can produce reports to demonstrate they meet national accreditation standards
  • eCredential complies with Commonwealth privacy legislation and the information in the system cannot be used for any purpose other than credentialling.

User manuals for eCredential

The Mercury Clinical User Guide can be found under ‘Guides’ in the online career profile section of eCredential. The customised SA Health dashboard of eCredential will also include user guides that will be available at the bottom of the dashboard.  

Further Information

For further information about the implementation of eCredential, please contact:

Senior Project Officer, Credentialling
Telephone: (08) 8463 6331    

Frequently Asked Questions


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