Credentialling and Scope of Clinical Practice

SA Health is committed to providing safe health care to its consumers by ensuring that health practitioners have the right qualifications and skills. This is achieved through a process of credentialling and defining the scope of clinical services that individual health practitioners can deliver. 

Administration of CSCPS and the roll out of the new eCredential system is with the Office of Professional Leadership. 

What is credentialing and scope of practice?

Credentialling is the process of verifying qualifications, experience and professional attributes for the purpose of forming a view about a health practitioner’s performance and professional suitability to provide safe healthcare services.

Scope of clinical practice defines the extent of an individual’s clinical practice within a particular organisation or facility based on their credentials as well as the needs and capability of the organisation to support their requested scope of clinical practice.

Under item 1.10 of the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standard 1: Governance for safety and quality in health service organisations, SA Health is required to implement a system that determines and regularly reviews the roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and scope of practice for the clinical workforce.

Policies and standards

The Office for Professional Leadership is responsible for the following policy directives:

Credentialling and Scope of Clinical Practice (CSCPS) database

Each Local Health Network (LHN) and professional group has a designated committee that oversees the credentialling and scope of practice process.

Approvals are recorded in the Credentialling and Clinical Scope of Practice (CSCPS) database, a web-accessible database administered by the Safety and Quality Unit. CSCPS is available for viewing by anyone with an SA Health log-in, from SA Health work stations.

CSCPS can be accessed from SA Health computers by selecting Start > All Programs > Corporate programs > SAH Applications > Credentialling and Scope of Clinical Practice.

Anyone with an SA Health HAD login has 'view only' level of access (PDF 332KB), which shows if a health practitioner’s credentials or scope of practice are current or have expired.

If needing to upgrade access or request user guides, staff can enquire about additional access by emailing the CSCPS system administrator at

CSCPS will be replaced with a new credentialing system for SA Health practitioners called eCredential. Further information on the new system can be obtained here.


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