Complex Care and Behaviours of Concern

Suitable for all clinicians

½ day

This workshop is designed for health clinicians working within government and non-government settings. Working with our clients who have difficult and challenging behaviours can even test the most resilient health clinician. This session helps the clinician to identified tools, strategies and approaches to reduce complex behaviours which at times can be problematic and challenging to providing care. How to improve outcomes to make it safe for all concerned by actively engaging with consumers and design care that meets needs of each person.

Learning outcomes

The information discussed will cover:

  • How complex consumers care plans are a holistic view of the person and are linked to an assessment of risk and need.
  • The different types and forms of challenging behaviours that we may come across in our roles
  • Challenges to implementing a service wide plan
  • How to identify triggers, past experience (Trauma ) and precipitating factors that may contribute to behaviours of concern
  • Care is provided in a collaborative way so that the consumer is part of their own recovery & treatment process.
  • How supporting and debriefing with the patient, post an incident is crucial to their recovery and helps to decrease the chance of behaviours of concern escalating in the future.

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