Clinical Utility of National Outcomes and Casemix Collection: Older Person Services training course

For Senior Staff, Team Leaders & Service Managers (Older Person Services)

1/2 day workshop

The National Mental Health Outcomes and Casemix Collection has seen the introduction into routine clinical practice of a range of standard Outcome Measures and Casemix Collection information.

This workshop provides an opportunity for team leaders and service managers to attend a workshop on the clinical utility of National Outcomes and Casemix Collection and the use of mental health information for teams including the use of mental health information in service development, KPI’s and benchmarking.A walk through the reports available and examples of their use.

Topics will include:

  • using mental health information in team reviews
  • supporting staff in incorporating the outcome measures in clinical practice
  • using aggregate data to support service development
  • encourage teams to explore the use in evaluation
  • using mental health information for service improvement
  • reports – explanation of the various reports and their use KPI’s, Benchmarking within South Australia and national examples.

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