A.C.T. - Moving towards competency

Suitable for clinicians and health prA.C.T.itioners who have completed both A.C.T. programs via SAMHTC or a state or territory workshop delivered by Dr Russ Harris.

1 day workshop

Workshop aim:

To provide an environment for A.C.T. prA.C.T.itioners to discuss and learn how to advance toward self-competency in prA.C.T.ical application of A.C.T. skills.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the workshop participants will have an increased knowledge of:

  • The emerging tools and ratings regarding prA.C.T.itioner self-competency (self and other) that can be used within and across workplace settings
  • How to sequence and apply the 6 core processes of the A.C.T. Hexiflex
  • The development and structure of therapeutic agendas and sessions
  • How to A.C.T.-tivate client willingness and motivation towards A.C.T.ion in line with their core values
  • How other participants are using A.C.T. and ways to build and make connections with other A.C.T. colleagues. 

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