Sunrise EMR & PAS training

SA Health’s electronic medical record system is an integrated patient clinical (Sunrise EMR) and administration (Sunrise PAS) system that is used to document information about a patient’s medical care.

Administrative staff and clinicians working at these sites are able to access patient information electronically to order tests, medications and review results at the patient’s bedside and other points of care. See the list of active sites to determine if you require training.

Prior to commencing work at a hospital or health service using the Sunrise system, all clinical staff are required to successfully complete Sunrise EMR training and demonstrate competence in using the system. There are also refresher training requirements to ensure clinicians’ skills are current.

This training requirement applies to all clinical staff employed whether employed directly by SA Health, agency staff, students on placement, visiting clinicians and GPs.

SA Health clinical staff

Training is required if you are starting as a new employee at SA Health or if you are a current employee who is transitioning to a hospital or health service where the Sunrise system is active.

Sunrise EMR & PAS training is arranged by the site in accordance with your start dates. You will not be able to access the system without having a unique Sunrise login created for you.

General information is available by visiting


Training for students is arranged by individual universities and learning institutions so please speak with your education provider. You can access general information about the system at

Agency staff

Prior to commencing work at a hospital or health service using the Sunrise system, agency staff will be trained in using the system by the referring agency to ensure they can access patients’ electronic medical records once their placement begins.

The model for agency staff training is based on the completion of a face-to-face training session where learners will be assessed prior to being determined ‘Ready for Login’. There is an expectation that learners who attend face-to-face sessions have a basic level of computer competency skills.

The training for agency staff focuses on system functionality and site-wide workflows that affect all clinicians. However, upon commencement of shifts at a site using the Sunrise EMR & PAS, the site-based orientation should include information outlining local service area rules in the application and use of the system within that clinical service.

Further information

Please direct any questions about EMR training or bookings to your agency. General information about the system can be accessed at

For more information about EMR training, or for staff bookings, please contact the EMR Project Training Team at

Please note: It is important for agency staff who have completed their EMR training to be scheduled to work at a site using the Sunrise system as soon as possible to maximise their learnings and ensure a smooth transition to the workplace.

Refresher training

Staff who have not interacted with the system or used their access log-in for an extended period of time will be required to undergo refresher training. Your employer or healthcare site will provide you with details regarding the latest refresher training requirements or, if you are a current SA Health employee, please refer to the Inside SA Health intranet.

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