Increasing home care choices

The Commonwealth Home Care Package (HCP) Programme delivers a package of home care services to assist people to remain living at home, and enables consumers to have more choice and flexibility in the way that the consumer’s aged care and support is provided.  Currently, approved providers are allocated a number of packages and eligible consumers are required to find a provider who has vacant packages available, or be placed on a waiting list, which can be time consuming and difficult for some consumers.

Significant reforms to Increasing Choice in Home Care were announced in the 2015-16 Federal Budget, including changes to how HCP’s are delivered. From 1 July 2015, all approved providers have offered HCP under a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) model, with four package levels available.

Commencing on 27 February 2017, funding provision for a HCP will change to follow consumers, instead of being allocated directly to providers. This funding flexibility enables consumers to choose their preferred provider rather than being limited to providers who have HCP vacancies. Consumers will be able to change their approved provider if they wish, including if they move to another area to live.This change is expected to increase market competition and provide consumers with a wider range of provider choice.

The Commonwealth has held a number of webinars about the changes, and you can find those webinars on the Department of Health's webpage.

Further information is also available on the Department’s Home Care Packages Programme page.




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