Secure messaging

07 May 2021

Secure Messaging allows secure delivery of patient clinical documents electronically between health professionals and organisations, including between SA Health and community healthcare practitioners.

Secure messaging enables the receipt of clinical documents by practices, directly into their conformant clinical information system software, making it a more efficient solution than fax, post or the temporary ShareFile tool.

How it is being used

All Adelaide metropolitan hospitals and select country hospitals now have secure messaging capability.

Currently SA Health can send the following documents* by secure messaging:

  • Discharge/separation summaries
  • Clinical summary
  • Nursing and Midwifery discharge letter
  • Neonatal discharge summary
  • ED Visit

* Due to technical constraints, some hospitals will continue to send some of these documents by existing methods and not by secure messaging

Phased roll out for eligible General Practice

SA Health will introduce secure messaging in a phased roll out over the coming months.

Interested practices should review the How to activate fact sheet (PDF 154KB) to ensure they will be eligible for activation.

Fact sheets