Plan Ahead Week 6 - 12 September 2021

06 September 2021

Take control of your future today and safeguard your rights

Plan Ahead Week is an opportunity for GPs to encourage patients to take control of their future and safeguard their rights.

Provide your patients with information on how to Plan Ahead and encourage them to complete the legal tools available:

  • Advance Care Directive
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Will, and
  • Registration for Organ and Tissue Donation.

By completing the tools and making their wishes known, your patients’ loved ones will know their future health, financial, legal and personal choices, and be prompted to act upon them if they cannot make their own decisions at some time in the future.

Sudden accidents can happen, or they may become very ill or develop a condition that affects memory and planning ability.

Documenting their wishes in advance creates peace of mind and can reduce family stress and conflict during times of crisis.

It is never too early to plan ahead.

For more information and resources in English, Greek, Italian and Vietnamese visit the Plan Ahead page.