Get Healthy in Pregnancy

23 June 2017

SA Health has launched the free Get Healthy in Pregnancy service, an addition to the successful Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service©.

Pregnancy provides a great opportunity for women to focus on health for their own benefit as well as their growing baby.

Get Healthy in Pregnancy offers 10 telephone calls with a personal qualified health coach to support women to manage their pregnancy weight increase within the RANZCOG Guideline recommendations.Appropriate and safe advice on eating well and being active during pregnancy, together with tips on how to achieve sustained lifestyle change, support to stay motivated and helpful print resources are available to women who register with the service.A one-off call and resource pack is also available if preferred.

As health care providers, you know the risks for mothers and babies associated with being overweight or obese. SA Health data shows that in 2014 more than 40% of pregnant women were overweight or obese. Get Healthy in Pregnancy can help women manage their weight and reduce their risks of gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia or complications during birth and set them up to make healthy choices for them and their families.

For more information, to make a referral or order print resources visit the Get Healthy website.


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