Expanding services in the north

20 February 2017

CALHN to NALHN service realignments are continuing to be phased in, with cardiology expansions almost complete.

These expansions are enabling more services than ever before to be provided locally, and for north and north eastern residents to continue to access high quality care into the future.

Second cardiac catheter laboratory

The Lyell McEwin’s second cardiac catheter laboratory (cath lab) was commissioned in early February and is expected to result in a 30 per cent increase in patients having urgent heart assessment, treatment and care closer to home.

For the first time, other radiological interventions such as catheter insertions for medication administration, organ biopsy and non-cardiology vascular imaging can be performed at the Lyell McEwin Hospital thanks to the multi-disciplinary nature of the new cath lab.

For more information about the second cath lab, check out this Channel 9 news story.

Next expansion

The next expansion to occur will be an increase in hours for stroke reperfusion services, including on-site stroke teams, from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm seven days a week at the Lyell McEwin Hospital. This change, planned for March, is expected to save lives as more residents of the north and north eastern suburbs will be able to access services closer to home in the case of a stroke.

To learn more about the new stroke model of care, view the Transforming Health video Enhancing stroke care in South Australia.

Work is also continuing on the expansion of endocrinology, haematology, medical oncology and urology.

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