Changes to Health Care Worker immunisation requirements

SA Health has released the Immunisation for Health Care Workers in South Australia Policy Directive (PDF 905KB) which defines the minimum standards, including documented evidence of immune status to selected vaccine preventable diseases, that SA Health services are required to implement in the workplace to minimise the transmission of vaccine preventable diseases. The Policy Directive requires all Health Care Workers who have direct or indirect contact with patients or blood or other body substances to know their immune status for selected vaccine preventable diseases. Documented evidence of immune status is required for some of the diseases covered by the Policy Directive.

GPs may be involved in completing some of the documentation related to the Policy Directive for existing and student Health Care Workers, particularly related to the Health Care Worker Immunisation Screening Questionnaire and Certificate of Compliance (Medical Practitioner Form) (PDF 318KB).

For more information please visit Health Care Workers immunisation requirements.


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