Drug and alcohol publications and resources for health professionals


Alcohol Related Brain Injury (PDF 126KB)
A guide for general practitioners and other health workers. (March 2017)

Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment Guide (PDF 117KB)
July 2012

Disulfiram (Antabuse) - patient information sheet (PDF281KB)
September 2017

Illicit drugs

Quickfix: Identify & Intervene in Psychostimulant Use in Primary Health Care (PDF 660KB)
(May 2008)

Psychotherapy for Methamphetamine Dependence: Treatment Manual (PDF 450KB)
(March 2008)

Cracks in the Ice: Crystal Methamphetamine - handbook, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre 2017

Screening resources to enable a quick diagnosis of stimulant use in primary health care

Psychostimulant Check-up Training Kit (March 2008)

To obtain a copy of the demonstration DVD or for further information on these resources ring ADIS on 1300 13 1340.

Management of methamphetamine presentations

Management of acute presentations related to methamphetamine use clinical guidelines for adults and adolescents (PDF 509KB)  Nov 017

Management of patients presenting with acute methamphetamine-related problems: evidence summary (PDF 360KB)  2017

Mental health and comorbidity

Comorbidity of mental disorders and substance use: A brief guide for the primary care clinician (PDF 900KB)  2008 

Opioid overdose - Naloxone

Opioid Overdose prevention and response

Guide for workers (PDF 460KB)

Client handout (PDF 185KB)

Sleep problems

Insomnia Management Kit
Resource tool for GPs focusing on assessment, sleep medication and management.  revised 2017

Guidelines for Nursing and Midwives

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs: Clinical Guidelines for Nurses and Midwives (PDF 3222KB)
Version 3, 2012

Alcohol and Other Drug Use Among Nurses: Guidelines for response in the workplace (PDF 193KB) October 2001


Panic Attack wallet card (PDF 40KB)

Coping with Cravings wallet card (PDF 40KB)


Prescription drugs and driving (PDF 280KB)
This resource summarises the current literature on the effects of prescription medications on people's ability to drive safely. 2014

Benzodiazepines: Information for General Practitioners (PDF 163KB)
This factsheet is designed to assist doctors in the management of patients ceasing benzodiazepine use. To be read in conjunction with the patient factsheet below - Reasons to Stop and Stopping Use. 2013
(PDF resources only)

Benzodiazepines: Reasons to stop and stopping use (PDF 232KB)
Patient factsheet to assist in deciding whether to stop use of benzodiazepines and provides assistance and strategies to use during the process of stopping use   2013
(PDF resources only)

Guidelines for South Australian Pharmacists Dispensing Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependence (MATOD) (PDF 1082KB) 2016

Factsheet for doctors managing patients with regular use of over-the-counter codeine medications.

Factsheet for consumers having difficulty ceasing their over-the-counter codeine medications.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Alcohol and Pregnancy

Australian Guide to the Diagnosis of FASD
(Telethon Kids Institute) 2016 

Alcohol and Pregnancy
(Government of Western Australia. Mental Health Commission)

'Women Want to Know' Campaign
The Women Want to Know’ project encourages health professionals to routinely discuss alcohol and pregnancy with women and to provide advice that is consistent with the National Health and Medical Research Council's Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol. 
(Australian Government, Department of Health)

Alcohol, pregnancy and breastfeeding
(Telethon Kids Institute) 

Indigenous Australian Resources
(Telethon Kids Institute) 

Common myths about drinking and pregnancy
(FASD Hub Australia)

Substance use in pregnancy

Clinical Guidelines for the management of substance use during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period
(NSW Ministry of Health) October 2014

Guidelines for the identification and management of substance use and substance use disorders in pregnancy
(World Health Organisation) 2014


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