Dr Brian Pridmore Perinatal Forum

Just a touch of the sugar?

A forum reviewing the care of women and their babies impacted by diabetes mellitus.

The 22nd annual Dr Brian Pridmore Perinatal Forum presents 'Just a touch of the sugar?', which was held on the evening of 22 August 2018 at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, in South Australia.


This year’s presenters included:

Dr Erin Clark (Obstetric Physician)

Dr Anu Kochar (Neonatal Paediatrician)

Ms Kerry Boylan (Midwife, Diabetes Education)

Dr Amanda Poprzeczny (Maternal Fetal Medicine)

Topics covered in this year’s forum


Dr Aimee Wiltshire outlines the format and presents the provisional recommendations made by the Maternal and Perinatal Mortality Committee, which have been published in the annual report ‘Maternal and Perinatal Mortality in South Australia 2016'.

Dr Erin Clark

Major topics covered:

  • Glucose regulation in pregnancy
  • Overview Type 1 diabetes
  • Overview Type 2 diabetes
  • Overview Gestational diabetes
  • Common treatments and delivery methods

Dr Anu Kochar

Major topics covered:

  • Overview of common neonatal problems
  • Case study of an infant of a diabetic mother
  • Dextrose gel for hypoglycaemia prevention
  • Respiratory and cardiovascular complications

Ms Kerry Boylan

Major topics covered:

  • Case study of a woman newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes
  • Risk factors for development of diabetes
  • Diet and activity management
  • Common treatments

Dr Amanda Poprzeczny

Major topics covered:

  • Complexities of diabetes in pregnancy
  • Prevalence of diabetes in obstetric population
  • Perinatal morbidity and mortality rates
  • Psychological impact of diabetic diagnosis
  • Ultrasound use

Question and answer session

A short question and answer session includes the above speakers.

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