Forms and resources for the Drugs of Dependence Unit

Appealing an administrative decision made by the Drugs of Dependence Unit

Appeal options for doctors (PDF 140KB)

Appeal options for patients (PDF 139KB)

Authorities to treat Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Authority application (PDF 2MB)

Authorities to treat Opioid dependence

Guidelines for prescribing take away doses

Assessing the potential harms of providing take away doses risk assessment (PDF 152KB)

MATOD Program (Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependence)

MATOD authority application (PDF 2MB)

Authorities to prescribe

Opioids – pain management

Schedule 8 benzodiazepines (Flunitrazepam, Alprazolam)

Schedule 8 stimulants - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Narcolepsy and other conditions 

Renewal for opioid, stimulant, alprazolam and sedative

Medicinal cannabis

Further information regarding patient access to medicinal cannabis in South Australia can be found on the medicinal cannabis page.

Notified Palliative Care Patient (NPCP) notification for exemption

Customer service benchmarks

Customer Service Charter (PDF 181KB)

Customer Service Standards (PDF 178KB)

Customer Feedback Framework (PDF 129KB) - includes customer feedback form

Drug seeking behaviour

Recognising and Handling Drug Dependent Patients (PDF 172KB)

Notification of a person suspected of obtaining or attempting to obtain a prescription drug by false pretences or other unlawful means (PDF 150KB)

Privileged Circular Access Application form (PDF 218KB) - Health practitioners may use this form to apply for access to view our online Privileged Circular.

Forged and/or fraudulently altered prescription notifications

Notification form (PDF 154KB)

Health practitioner’s legal obligations under the Controlled Substances Act 1984 and its regulations

Medical practitioners (PDF 115KB)

Nurses and midwives (PDF 110KB)

Veterinarians (PDF 71KB)

Dentists (PDF 76KB)

Pharmacists (PDF 111KB)

Monthly drugs of dependence prescription returns

General information (PDF 90KB)

Notification of NIL supplies (PDF 741KB)

Instructions for electronic submission of drugs of dependence prescription returns (PDF 528KB)

Restrictions on prescribing, administering or supplying drugs

Current Section 57 Orders (PDF 180KB)

Theft and loss of medications from health facilities and licence or permit holders

Policy for reporting theft or loss of drugs subject to abuse or diversion (PDF 209KB) - includes form

Urine drug screen when prescribing drugs of dependence

Fact sheet (PDF 180KB)

Online Privileged Circular

I have read and understand the following conditions of use regarding the Online Privileged Circular: 

Under Section 58 of the Controlled Substances Act 1984 (SA), the Minister responsible for the Act is permitted to publish information relating to persons who have been determined on reasonable grounds as having:

  • A history of consuming drugs in a quantity or manner that presents a risk to the person’s health, or
  • Obtained or attempted to obtain drugs by false pretences or other unlawful means, or
  • Obtained or attempted to obtain drugs for an unlawful purpose, for the purpose of preventing or restricting further supply of these drugs to those persons.

Any information disclosed to me may not represent the listed person’s complete picture of drug-seeking or unlawful behaviour.

There may be people who are obtaining drugs by false pretences or unlawful means who are not captured by the Circular.

It is a condition of this agreement that I must not disclose my password, or any information contained in the Online Privileged Circulars, to any other person except so far as is necessary to prevent or restrict further supplies of drugs


Obtaining access

Please complete the Privileged Circular Access Application form (PDF 218KB) to obtain access to the Online Privileged Circular.

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